kineticFIELD Hosted by Dos Equis

Always in motion, forever evolving, this sacred space has known homes across the globe, continually transforming itself as much as it has those who experience it.

circuitGROUNDS Hosted by Dos Equis

As much as we worship the night sky, we are rooted to the land on which we dance. We are connected, one to another, to the past and to the future, and to the energy all around us. Look to circuitGROUNDS to spark your passion for epic melodies.

neonGARDEN Hosted by Telcel

Here, we grow together, under the glowing light of the crystal moon. Music is our nourishment. The beats are the soil and the soul, as the deepest forms of techno and house take root. Reach for the sky, and let your flowers bloom.

wasteLAND Hosted by Takis

A savage sound has ravaged this land, laying waste to everything in its path. Do you have the fortitude to survive another onslaught? The harder styles of dance music live here. Come test your mettle.

Mixx Stage

Get a taste of both local and international flavor with an eclectic lineup of DJs from across the region and the globe.

stereoBLOOM Hosted by SICO

Insomniac Music Group brings a club atmosphere to the heart of the festival with sounds from known artists and up-and-comers alike, as well as a full day of trance.

Plus more to be announced!