Flying to the festival? Mexico City International Airport is closest to the venue.


You can use Uber in Mexico City! Just use the app on your phone, and travel the easy way to EDC Mexico. The venue parking lot will have a designated area for passenger drop-off and pickup.

Taxi Companies

  • Taximex: 9171-8888
  • Sitio de Taxis Palacio de los Deportes: 4000-8294
  • Radio Taxis Elite: 5660-1122
  • Grupo Set: 3874-6965

Subway Stations

Line 9 Color: Brown Pantitlán-Tacubaya
Stations: Velódromo, Ciudad Deportiva, Puebla

Metrobus Stations

Line 2 Color: Purple Tacubaya-Tepalcates
Stations: UPIICSA, El Rodeo