This is our most sacred of spaces — ancient and hallowed ground where nature and technology fuse into one powerful force. Unfettered by space and time, we will be transported on the wings of imagination to a world powered by life, love, art and individuality.


Allow your mind and body to recalibrate your links to the past. Bridges are being built that will lead to new dreams and discoveries. At EDC, we are all connected. On this stage, those connections will be amplified like never before.


Nature has fused with an eclectic, electric element that nourishes the souls of all those looking to explore the beautifully abstract and the sensuously surreal. Hear strains of exotic fruit harvested by those who know how to create the perfect mix.


Cities destroyed by sound and fury are now populated by relentless beasts that keep watch over the lurid landscapes. In this Wasteland, only the hard and the headstrong will survive.

Dos Equis Stage

Get a taste of both local and international flavor with an eclectic lineup of DJs from across the region and the globe.


Get UP to get DOWN with a unique blend of foundation-shaking beats. From thick basslines to bumping house, our curators are constructing a sonic sanctuary to last all weekend long.


Catch this roving stage at various locations throughout the festival, and check out some up-and-comers before they blow up!


What’s a carnival without rides? EDC’s landscape is an oversize playground with all your favorite full-size thrills. And the best part? Rides are free for everyone to enjoy! Grab your festie bestie, and enjoy EDC from a whole new perspective.


Enter a world of fire-breathing metal creatures, three-dimensional wooden superstructures, colorful, glow-in-the-dark environments, and all manner of LED-infused flora and fauna. A vital part of the experience, the interactive art installations scattered throughout EDC are bridges we construct between nature and technology, there to inspire all who come in contact with them.


Insomniac’s own Funkdafied Freaks will enchant you all weekend long! Decked out in over-the-top costumes crafted specially for EDC, this motley crew of dancers, stilters, aerialists, circus performers and other whimsical characters will push the boundaries of your imagination.