Food & Beverages

Food and beverage stands are located throughout the event, with roaming vendors carrying water, snacks, and other beverages. Cash and credit accepted.



Hamburguesas by Butcher & Sons
Pollo Frito by Pullet
Bagels by Join Os Bagels
Turkey Legs by Turkey Legs
Cortes by Provoleta
Cochinita by La Cochi
Hot Dogs by Marilyn Abarrotes
BBQ Ribs by Texas Ribs
Tortas by Tortas Atlixco
Tacos (Brisket y Pulled Pork) by Tizne Tacomotora
Tacos (Pastor y Costras) by Taqueria el Califa
Carne en su Jugo by Karne Garibaldi
Kebab by Hookah Arabic Kitchen
Hot Cakes by Palepitos
Churros by Churreria El Moro


Chapatas by Milenarias
Burritos by Capital truck
Café by Café loreto
Chilly by La Perrada
Pizza by Faharenheit
Pulled Pork & Roast Beef by Bully’s Burger
Sandwiches by Entrecarbon
Tacos by Tacos 911
Big Taco by Rockin Taco
Hamburguesas by El Plebe
Pizza by Brunny’s
Conchas Rellenas by Santas Conchas
Philly Cheese Steak by International Truck
Baguettes by Oui Oui Baguette
Bowls by Mexi Bowl
Philly de BBQ by Oh My Dog
Burritos by Norteñito Steak
Baguettes by Deluiscias
Tacos by Takigol
Tacos by Villamelon


Pastes by Pastes Pastes
Crepas dulces y saladas by Deli Crepas
Hamburguesas y hot dogs by Alimentos Maxx
Tamales by Flor de Lis
Empanadas by Empanaderia
Tacos by Villamelón
Tacos by Califa
Café by Café las truchas
Burrito by Capital Truck
Pannini by C. Castellano
Porchettas by Pork It
Tacos de canasta by Delicias
Sopas by Muba
Machetes by Machetes Amparito
Philly de arracherra by Oh my Dog
Café y Chai by Café Emir
Baguettes y jamón serrano by Enrique Tomas
BBQ by Pinche Gringo
Capatas y ensaladas by Maison Kayser
Caldos by Caldos Ánimo
Baguettes by Which Which


Bars located throughout the festival will serve beer and liquor. Service hours may be limited. You must be 18+ to consume alcohol (valid photo ID required).


The Insomniac Shop will have multiple merch booths on-site; locations can be found on the festival map. Come by to check out the brand-new EDC apparel collection as well as artist collections for the event. We will have a variety of T-shirts, jackets, backpacks, sweatshirts, water bottles, accessories, and more. Don’t forget to visit us online.

Water Refill Stations

Stay hydrated! Fill up your Insomniac bottle (get your very own at our merch booth), hydration pack or any empty beverage container (purchased inside the festival) at our free hydration stations. Look for the water droplet symbol on a festival map to find the nearest station.

Info Booths

Info booths will be stationed throughout the venue. Check the festival map for specific locations.

Lost & Found

Lost & Found booths will be available at the venue during the event. Check your festival map for specific locations. If you need to retrieve your item after the festival is over, please call +5255 57648400 or email us.


Store your stuff securely at EDC Mexico! Lockers allow you unlimited in-and-out access throughout the day so you can share with your friends. Lockers measure approximately 37 cm H x 46 cm W x 43 cm D.

Safety & Medical

To ensure a safe environment for all, security and medical staff will be present throughout the entire event. If you need any assistance, please go to the nearest medical or information tent, or seek out an event staff member. Learn more about staying healthy and happy at EDC.

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