The Best of EDC Mexico 2017

By February 28, 2017 Todos

This year’s EDC Mexico was a milestone event, as the festival’s fourth incarnation broke record numbers. Tucked away in the heart of Mexico City, the fiesta quickly underscored the idea that dance music culture is a borderless community built on universal acceptance and a healthy love of bass, beats and bright lights.

EDC Mexico is a special type of celebration, unique in every flavor imaginable. From our one-of-a-kind Headliners to the larger-than-life stages, beautiful art installations, crazy-fun rides, and the phenomenal local food that fills our bellies, EDC Mexico was a marvelous mashup of Insomniac vibes and Mexican culture.

Here are a few of our favorite things and moments that filled our souls this weekend.

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Two Days of Hardcore-Till-We-Die Energy, Courtesy of Basscon & Bassrush

Best-of-MX-Wasteland-705x470EDC Town Hits the Road

Best-of-MX-Wedding-705x470The Underground Sounds of neonGARDEN

Best-of-MX-neongarden-705x470Living La Vida VIP

Best-of-MX-VIP-705x470Daisies, We Brought Daisies

Best-of-MX-daisy-705x470-2The Return of Sasha & Digweed

thebestofedcmexico2017_sasha-digweed_1000x667_WEB-JOFeeling the Love at Metaheart

thebestofedcmexico2017_metaheart_1000x667_WEB-JOLatin Beats and Global Bass

thebestofedcmexico2017_latinbeatsglobalbass_1000x668This Headliner’s Colorful Cast

thebestofedcmexico2017_broken-foot_1000x667_WEB-JOPublic Displays of Affection

thebestofedcmexico2017_pda-_1000x667_WEB-JOThis Gorgeous Sunset

thebestofedcmexico2017_mexican-sunset_1000x667_WEB-JOThe Claw!

thebestofedcmexico2017_hanging-game-_1000x667_WEB-JOBouncing Vibes at the boomboxARTCAR


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